“The Charles Veillon Foundation commemorates a great patron. […] Charles Veillon embodied philanthropy in all senses of the word. […] He was passionate about the lives of people who engaged with their responsibilities, whether in scientific discovery, artistic and cultural creation, or social engagement […]”

Colette Muret

“The mail order business created by Charles Veillon is only one facet of his work. His role as a businessman was coupled with a strong awareness of his responsibility within an affluent society that had been favoured by circumstances. He sidestepped the traps of rebellion or guilt and instead focused on sharing and the reconciliation of people and ideas.
This is what inspired Charles Veillon’s work and his personal engagement – through donations and large loans – in social issues, favouring in particular medicine, science, and culture. He launched three literary prizes that held his name and interested himself in several initiatives that promoted Europe. He lived from 1900 to 1971.
Today, the Charles Veillon Foundation pursues this engagement and seeks to promote the spirit that guided its creation.”

François Jequier
Charles Veillon: Essai sur l’émergence d’une éthique patronale
Edition: Société d’études en matière d’histoire économique, Zürich, 1985


The Foundation supports high quality scientific and intellectual projects that:

  • aim to promote dialogue between individuals, social groups, and peoples;
  • confront opinions, experiences and philosophies;
  • address European culture;
  • address the role of Christianity in European culture;
  • address federalism as a principle for living together, of behaviour and of government of individuals, peoples, and cultures;
  • honour new or emerging approaches based, in particular, on interdisciplinarity.

The Foundation does not entertain requests for financial support.


The principles of the Charles Veillon Foundation (in french) were drafted by its founders in Lausanne in November 1972.

Council Members of the Foundation

  • Lucie Kaennel, theologian and professor at the University of Zürich
  • Josephine Macintosh, lawyer
  • Francesco Panese, sociologist and professor at the University of Lausanne
  • Cyril Veillon, President of the Foundation
  • Magali Veillon, publisher
  • Jacques Zwahlen, lawyer

Jury of the European Essay Prize

The Foundation’s Council members are also members of the Jury. In addition to them, the current Jury members are:


  • Jean-Pierre Hocké, economist, diplomat, and former Director of Operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Joëlle Kuntz, writer and journalist
  • Antonio Loprieno, egyptologist and linguist, president of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
  • Hubert Thüring, Hubert Thüring, German scholar and professor at the University of Basel
  • Michael Wirth, cultural advisor
Former members

Madame Christiane Asté, théologienne, Lausanne (1999-2010), secrétaire de 2004 à 2007
Monsieur Andris Barblan, historien, Carouge (secrétaire de 1973 à 2004)
Monsieur Ahmed Benani, politologue
Monsieur Edmond Bertholet, notaire, (vice-président de 1972-1993), † en 1993
Professeur Jean-Charles Biaudet, historien, (1981-1998) † en 2000
Monsieur François Bondy, rédacteur, (1972-1991) † en 2003
Monsieur Bernard Böschenstein, professeur, (1999-2018), † en 2018
Professeur Iso Camartin, écrivain, Zürich (1991-1994)
Professeur Fernand Cardis, médecin, (1972-1986), † en 1991
Madame Stéphanie Cudré-Mauroux, conservatrice,
Professeur Pierre du Bois, historien, Pully (1998-2001) † en 2007
Professeur Jacques Freymond, historien, (1986-1993), † en 1998
Monsieur Claude Frochaux, éditeur, Lausanne (1994-2010)
Madame Ghislaine Glasson-Deschaumes, journaliste, Paris (1995-1998)
Professeur Ferdinand Gonseth, philosophe, (1972-1975), † en 1975
Professeur Henri Isliker, médecin, Lausanne (1980-2000), † en 2007
Professeur Georg Kohler, philosophe, Zürich (1998-2007)
Monsieur Hugo Loetscher, écrivain, Zürich (1986-1997) † en 2009
Monsieur Pierre Magistretti, médecin et neurobiologiste, Lausanne (2013)
Monsieur Martin Meyer, rédacteur, Zürich (1995-2000)
Madame Alison de Puymege, historienne, Londres (1986-1993)
Monsieur Jean-Pierre Rageth, théologien, Genève (1997-2010)
Professeur Jean Rossel, physicien, Neuchâtel (1976-1997) † en 2006
Monsieur Denis de Rougemont, écrivain, (1972-1985), † en 1985
Professeur Alain Schaerlig, mathématicien et économiste, Bernex (1972-1975, 1981-2002)
Professeur Jean Starobinski, écrivain, Genève (1978-1980)† en 2019
Professeur Jean Vallat, économiste, Martigny (1972-1994)
Monsieur Pascal Veillon, pasteur, Lausanne (président de 1972 à 2014)
Monsieur André Veillon, ingénieur, Lausanne (1972-2006)† en 2019
Monsieur Jean-Claude Veillon, industriel, Lausanne (1972-2007), † en 2018

The Veillon Fund for research on malignant lymphomas

The Veillon Fund for research into malignant lymphomas was created by Charles Veillon and Professor Fernand Cardis in 1957. Placed under the auspices of the University of Lausanne, it is managed by the University’s Faculty of Biology and Medicine.

It covers a wide range of issues, in particular thanks to the guidance of the ISREC Foundation for cancer research.